Orange Longitude Phase One

Operation Orange Longitude

NATO is looking to establish a Drone base in SouthWest Angola,

Within this region there are two serviceable airfields, and little remaining civilian population.

The region is dominated by a single warlord, and multiple criminal factions.

CSAT has been engaged in large scale farming ventures to the east of the AO, avoiding any diplomatic entanglements is of the utmost importance.


Operation Silent Thunder

Since 2024 the island nation, Horizon Islands has been a failed state, mainly to local government corruption and extreme mis management.

The previous government dissolved 03AUG24, and with limited resources the nation's police chief has been trying to hold elections, but interference from an insurgent faction has almost made this impossible. The island is too small to gain the attention of the U.N., so has been left mostly on its own to rectify the current situation.

DPSO will provide Operational Support for the local government by taking over all counter insurgent operations in all AO’s. The intent is that this will allow the local forces (Gendarmerie) to stabilize the main island of Tonoa, so that elections can be held.

Additional tasking will be assigned as the opportunities arise.

METT-TC Silent Thunder task BeachHead
METT-TC Silent Thunder Task Perry Mason
METT-TC Silent Thunder Task Dragnet
METT-TC Silent Thunder Have Gun Will Travel
METT-TC Silent Thunder Task Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
METT-TC Silent Thunder Task Father Knows best
Strike package - Black Scorpion - lost jester
Strike package - Black Scorpion - Easter Eggs
Operation: Black Scorpion Strike Package : Aquarium
Strike package - Black Scorpion - Aquarium
FRAGO: Black Scorpion Strike Package : Aquarium PT2
Strike package - Black Scorpion - Aquarium PT2