Training Overview

If you're new to ARMA this is where you start.

(Under 100 hours)
  • Attend Basic Training

  • Attend all Phases of CST

  • Attend an MOS training

If you have some experience in ARMA

(Under 1000 hours)
  • Test out of Basic

  • Attend all Phases of CST

  • Attend an MOS training

If you have a lot of experience in ARMA

(Over1000 hours)
  • Test out of Basic

  • Test out of CST

  • Attend an MOS training

You wrote the book on ARMA, thousands of hours.

(Over 2000 hours)
  • Test out of Basic

  • Test out of CST

  • Test out of MOS training


Mostly its simple, we ask you a few questions, or demonstrate a few tasks on our training servers. Should take less than 15 minutes.

The testing is in a simple GO/NO GO format, 80% GO's is required for a GO

Example: (the following is the tasks for Basic)

                  1. Can work ACE menus

                  2. Has TFAR working and Can do a radio check

                  3. Can send a properly formatted radio message

                  4. Can provide the eight digit grid for three random points on the map or Can identify an object at three randomly selected eight digit grid,, or any combination of.

                  5. Can move out on a provided bearing,

                  6. Can and has built an operational kit for the next phases of training

                  7. Can perform self aid, answer basic questions about self aid

                  8. Can perform buddy aid, communicate, and respond to Medic properly

                  9. Can perform Friend or Foe recognition

                  10. Can answer basic questions on the rules of engagement.

You can test out of Bother parts of CST at the same time, (still 15 mins -ish?)

Basic and CST Overview


  • Keybinds

  • Basic Communications

  • Basic Land Navigation

  • KIT Building

  • Weapon Jams

  • Searching

  • Server Customizations

  • Self Medical Aid

  • Buddy Medical Aid

  • Friend or Foe

  • Rules of Engagement


  • Tactical Combat Skills

  • Formations

  • Contact

  • Types of Fire

  • Reorganize a Unit

  • Danger Area

  • Ambushes

  • Conduct an Assault / Raid

  • Break Contact

  • React to Indirect Fire


  • Mount Urban operations

  • CQB

  • Vehicle Operations

  • Urban Rappelling

  • ACE Fast Roping

  • Rappeling