DPSO is a [unit/cult/guild/clan] whose game play is based on 2035 ARMA lore (well loosely based). We host deployment operations on our private servers using; Terrain, Medical, Weapon, Radio, Vehicle modifications.

The goal is to have game play that is done at a high tactical and technical skill level.We are a serious unit, looking for quality members to take part in our missions and events. We are willing to work with anyone who has the right attitude and mindset.

Each Detachment functions separately, and will have their own OP's, (time and day). Training will be standard across all Detachments just held on different schedules , Zeus's and Pilots are a shared resource.

Not looking to pretend to be anything; we will not be portraying any real-life military unit.

Rank & Occupations

Our ranks are based on what ARMA provides,

              • "PRIVATE"

              • "CORPORAL"

              • "SERGEANT"

              • "LIEUTENANT"

              • "CAPTAIN"

              • "MAJOR"

              • "COLONEL"

Occupations are simply based on the current US Special forces model

            • Weapons

            • Engineer

            • Medical

            • Communications

Mission Types

The aim is to have missions that will reflect what future special forces operations would resemble. DPSO will rely heavily on technology, individual skill, and team work. Theses will not be simple missions and will test the detachments abilities with every op