Military Time

The military use the 24 hour clock, written with four digits, two for the hours and two for the minutes. Seconds are not normally used. Starting at midnight which is always written as "0000" and expressed as "zero hundred hours", but never as either "oh-hundred hours" or "2400" ("twenty four hundred hours"), the expression "oh" is a letter not a number.

It goes through until "2359", or one minute to midnight, said as "twenty three, fifty nine hours". Note that a colon is never inserted between the hours and the minutes digits, as sometimes seen elsewhere. A quarter to two in the afternoon is therefore "1345", or "thirteen forty five hours". See below for a conversion table for the hours of the day.

Midnight = 0000

1am =0100

2am =0200

3am =0300

4am =0400

5am =0500

6am =0600

7am =0700

8am =0800

9am =0900

10am =1000

11am =1100

Midday =1200

1pm =1300

2pm =1400

3pm =1500

4pm =1600

5pm =1700

6pm =1800

7pm =1900

8pm =2000

9pm =2100

10pm =2200

11pm =2300